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We are a leading global engineering, consulting and construction company specializing in infrastructure development in energy, water, telecommunications, management consulting, Government and environmental markets.

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Site Hunting

This is possibly the most vital exercise for the quality of the final solution. This is why we at ATNT are specialists in Site Hunting, and our experts put their heart into selecting the most appropriate candidates based on our clients specifications.

Site Identification

The first phase of finding the best candidate for a site can start in two ways. Either the network operator can suggest search areas for ATNT, or ATNT can use its Friendly Site Databases to produce a list of possible candidates.

Technical site surveys

All ATNT site surveys are performed by engineers who are experts in structural engineering. This allows us to assess the structural suitability of any given site at a very early stage, further accelerating the acquisition process.

Static/Earthing Calculations

ATNT takes responsibility for Static/Earthing calculations performed on all potential sites, e.g. masts and metal structures etc. and their foundations. We do this to ensure that the extra wind load, added to the support by ...